Our Mission:

Hailer was established in a rebellious spirit to bring simplicity and the control over the level of transparency in all information an organization processes. Hence people can work together more efficiently in organizations and beyond. We strive to a world where people have full control of their online identity. Trust can be guaranteed with technology and communication is in context. Therefore people can understand and trust each other leading to less bureaucracy, hierarchy, and politics. This makes it possible for networks of companies to work together more efficiently than a single large enterprise, giving equal opportunity to all ideas. Everyone in Hailer strives to a well deserved exponential increase in share value.

Our Vision:

A global results-driven social network

Hailer - Social Business Process Management Software

Hailer is a Social Business Process Management Software that brings speed and reliability to your organization. The software provides a solution to the organizational silo problem, which means that the various departments in the organization become too independent and isolate themselves within the organization. Because of this, many problems arise in the organization, such as:

  • Lack of communication & information
  • Valuable knowledge & data being lost between departments
  • More expensive software requirements
  • Decline in trust

Simple Yet Powerful

The Hailer – SBPM Software ecosystem, can be described as an internet browser. Let’s start with Hailer processes. Each process is like a different tab, they are easy to create, move and remove. Each organization can have as many of them as it has needs for. Here are a few examples of different things you can create with processes:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Business Management
  • Project Management
  • Resource & Development
  • Safety & Security
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Or your own process, example, workplace exercise

These processes combine information and notify users if they need to participate. So that the right information goes to the right people at the right time. Because each process is a part of the same network, members of all departments can follow or help with them. Consequently, this promotes open discussion and lets people see the whole picture.

Each of these processes (or tabs if we are following our example) take place on a Hailer network. Hailer networks can be thought of as different browser windows, you can jump between them easily, but they are usually completely separate. Hence there is no need to be constantly changing programs or accounts if working with multiple organizations.

If a third party does not have Hailer in use:

An invitation can be sent by a link. This adds the user as an external user. External users have limited rights, but are still part of the network, they can view processes as well as send and receive messages. If this is not enough, it is possible to upgrade them to a user at any time (you can also downgrade users to external users if desired).

See Hailer solution examples

Media Information

If you are a member of the media and have any questions, please contact info@hailer.com. To download a set of logos in .png and .eps formats, click here, if you can’t find the logo you are looking for contact us and we’ll get it sorted.

Briefly about Hailer History

The story of Hailer began as a side project in the IT department of Lamor Corporation, a global family company with its roots in Finland, specialized in oil spill recovery equipment and environmental services.  The idea for Hailer was born with a need for a tool that could handle the communication. For a network of people and functions as well as change management in any situation.

Lamor has managed to grow and become a global leader with relatively limited resources. Because early strategic decision let partners and subsidiaries handle parts of the supply chain. In essence, Lamor runs a network of partner companies as one swarm. It was during the cleanup of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill incident. That the network model truly showed its power, and it was during this trying project. The idea for a new type of software which could handle the communication and project handling for a network of companies was born.

Today Hailer is a Social Business Process Management Software. What is capable of helping the local sports clubs and a one-man shop needs. Or to handle all the communication both internally and externally for vast company networks.