Hailer <3 Kotlin

Hailer <3 Kotlin We here at Hailer believe that if we want to produce the best possible product we need to be fearless by adopting new and innovative technologies whenever we can. We have done this in the past by switching our cloud services from plain PHP to Node.js and Angular, iOS application from Objective…

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Want to know more? Join our #WEDOGOOD-network in Hailer and help us help others. Do the following:

1. Download the Hailer app from App- or PlayStore
2. Register your profile
3. Join the #WEDOGOOD-network from the open networks list
4. All done! More information is found inside the Hailer network

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Reduce Your e-mails

Have you ever been added to a cc-list of an massive emailing, and wondered how on earth you can get out of the everlasting discussion? You, of course, are ignoring those kind mails and then somebody comes and asks in a meeting that haven’t you seen the very very important memo?

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You might have several tools for your recruiting process: a database of candidates, communication channels towards the candidates, checklist for new hires, a separate HR database , and finally a process tool for employee performance appraisals.

What if you could have all these functions in one platform? Hailer is used as a recruiting and HR platform to ease the pain of different HR functions and smooth the on-boarding process.

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Hailer – The fix for the fast ones

Have you noticed how the large corporations are on the news because they are laying off thousands of people or how they have completely neglected working conditions in a factory in a third world country? At the same time you hear that the next cool thing comes from two friends in a garage.

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Engage your team

“Our organization has decided to start using this *insert any app/system/platform* in order to make our processes more transparent, efficient, and support our everyday work. The aim is to make everyday operations and information sharing easier for each and every one of us”

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there, one way or another.

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