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Knowledge Management

KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT   The goal of knowledge management is to improve the overall set of organizational capabilities. Through better use of individual and collective knowledge…
January 16, 2019
hailer_kotlin Blog

Hailer <3 Kotlin

Hailer Loves Kotlin We here at Hailer believe that if we want to produce the best possible product we need to be fearless. by adopting…
April 13, 2018
bc_slush News


Brother Christmas is a Finnish benefactor, helping the ones in need instead of just talking about what should be done. Hailer is proud to be…
November 27, 2017
mail Blog

Reduce Your eMails

Have you ever been added to a cc-list of an massive emailing, and wondered how on earth you can get out of the everlasting discussion?…
November 3, 2017
signal Blog

Bottlenecks in information flow.

You probably recognise the phrase “why wasn’t I informed!!??”. Quite common in organisations where there are more than one person working. Some even say it…
October 18, 2017