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Leave your contact details, and we will get back to you shortly.

Hailer integration with Google Workplace tools makes it possible to work seamlessly across platforms. Share and collaborate effectively and in a structured way.

The combination has robust document management and editing and easy-to-use workflow management tools. With Hailer (no code) process editor you can create just the workflows you need to keep track of the important things for your business. In case you need something more connect Hailer with handy Zapier to thousands of other apps. 

When you start a task, project, or any other activity, you often need some materials, notes, spreadsheets, or slides. Google has them all. When you combine the Google docs to Hailer workflows all the things you work with stay well organized and structured.

Hailer workflows ensure that the work you do is well organized and transparent. Google Workplace offers an added benefit with extensive document management and creation. 

Log in to Hailer with your Google account and you can create Google documents directly from Hailer discussions. This functionality is available for both the free Gmail- accounts and free Hailer Workspace and for the business accounts. Read more >

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Recently we have also released a next-level integration with Google shared drives. This allows you to connect your workflows to Google shared drive and when you create a new activity for your tasks or projects for example; a new folder for that activity is automatically created. Read more >

The feature is currently available for Business Standard Google Workplace license. 

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