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Leave your contact details, and we will get back to you shortly.

Hailer Team is growing. We are pleased to announce that Juhani Yli-Karjanmaa is our new reseller partner. Juhani has a long background in business development and consulting. He helps customers streamline their business processes and communication.

Hailer is focused to grow domestically and internationally. One way to achieve this is to create partnerships with new resellers. Juhani will strengthen Hailer services in Finland and we are looking forward to working together. Juhani will make a great addition to our team. He’s values are genuineness, positiveness, openness and helping others. 

“I am the same person when we meet in real or online. I strive to have a positive outlook and to handle the challenging moments in life as learning points. When you sincerely and genuinely help others, you will get energy and positive feelings. Helping others is a matter of the heart. I am not afraid to discuss difficult matters andJuhani Yli-Karjanmaa share feelings. I am a good listener and would like to hear your story. You can find me in LinkedIn- click connect!

I have got an excellent first impression of Hailer software and of the team and I am convinced that our collaboration will be successful.” Says Juhani.

Have you noticed that you spend most of your time in coordinating and administration instead of value-adding activities? Contact Juhani. 

The Hailer Reseller program is an easy way to get new product offerings to your portfolio. Hailer combines seamlessly project management and communication. t is intuitive and combines modern chat features with modular process management. Depending on your customer's needs, it can be used to replace multiple overlapping systems, such as CRM, HR, EHS management system. It is easy and fast to configure, no coding is needed. Implementation takes a few days instead of weeks. Our current customers are from various different fields.

Read more about Hailer partnership and contact us for more information.