Brother Christmas is a Finnish benefactor, helping the ones in need instead of just talking about what should be done. He started his amazing work back in 2015.

In 2016, Brother Christmas helped almost 4000 persons that needed help. Struggling families, sick children, and Finnish war veterans, just to name a few. In the year 2017, almost 7000 people are getting help.

All kind of help is needed, but the priorities right now are; working against bullying in schools, Christmas for everyone 2017, and giving time for the Finnish war veterans. The war veterans get to decide by themselves how they would like to spend the time their helpers give.

Brother Christmas wants to be the channel between the ones in need and the people wanting to help. He wants everyone to know that all of us might have a neighbor, colleague or friend that needs help in some way. He brings help to those who need it, and wants to get together with the companies that are able to offer some kind of help. Together we can do more.

Hailer is proud to be part of the helping team. With Hailer, Brother Christmas can do his important job easier, faster and more efficiently.

Hailer is participating in SLUSH17 together with Brother Christmas to encourage other companies to do good also. Meet us there!


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Hailer is proudly taking part in this important mission. Are you running a non-profit organization? Would you like to use Hailer for your task management and communication? We have a special programme for non-profit and educational organizations. Contact us for more details.  

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