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Hailer Features

Hailer brings together the favorite features from instant messaging and workflow management.
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Simple yet powerful work management

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custom project management system


The low-code modular structure is fully customizable. Design and build workflows and data fields from scratch or use prebuilt templates.

project planning calendar


Easy planning. Manage multiple calendars in one place. 

project news


Publish posts on key decisions, news from your projects, or follow-up on your milestones.

project collaboration


Discuss and collaborate seamlessly in the right context. Invite external stakeholders as free Guest users.

project management software users


Flexible user management allows you to collaborate more freely with internal and external stakeholders.

Work with your favorite view

All Hailer licenses come with

  • Kanban
  • List
  • Calendar & Timeline
  • Map

Reporting possibilities

Create insights from your data. Hailer Insights provides all Hailer data in light SQL chart format. Quick and easy way to filter and view the data from different angles.  Make it into shareable HTML or CSV links or opened up in a pivot view.


Integrations & API

Hailer is a cloud-based solution with high availability. We update and improve it continuously. Hailer is GDPR compliant.

  • Zapier - connect to thousands of apps
  • Google - sign in & Google docs
  • Jitsi - video calls


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