Hailer isn’t really about individual features, its about of the principle truth that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Features and people working together in sync in a tool that is designed not to fix an individual problem for a specific target audience but to work for the users and create one source of truth for any type of organization.

For us it’s always been important to keep Hailer easy enough to set up and use that a person with average computer skills can do it without compromises, coding or intimate database knowledge. The cornerstones for all Hailer-networks are:


Instant messaging supercharged - introducing MyFocus

  • Adjust your incoming information flow and improve communication across the board
  • Every message in the right context linked to an activity or an event
  • Activity updates are automatically pushed into the conversations

Visualize the work you do - Activities

  • Model all of your processes with the module generator
  • Collect the right people around the activities that concern them and communicate around the right context
  • Make Hailer collect the What, Who, Where, When and How so you and your team can keep moving forward
  • Different activities, same format. Forget doing training for your team when a new process is launched

As seen on social media - Feed

  • Make your team addicted to your company culture with your own Feed 
  • Automatically publish important decisions or announce deals immediately as they are made
  • Hear what your team has to say and get your vision communicated across the organization

The company calendar, re-imagined - Events

  • Add and find all the events that are relevant for your network
  • Communicate before the event and save agendas or memos in the Event conversation
  • Thumb up or thumb down, see who is attending without long email-chains or spreadsheets

Find all your contacts - People

  • Your teams, your network of people
  • Invite partners to your network and give them access to whatever you want
  • Customize the relevant information that you need and find it for all your users in one place