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Briefly about Hailer

The story of Hailer began as a side project in the IT department of Lamor Corporation, a global family company with its roots in Finland, specialized in oil spill recovery equipment and environmental services.  The idea for Hailer was born with a need for a tool that could handle the communication for a network of people and functions as well as change management in any situation.

Lamor has managed to grow and become a global leader with relatively limited resources because early on the strategic decision was taken to let partners and subsidiaries handle parts of the supply chain. In essence, Lamor runs a network of partner companies as one swarm. It was during the cleanup of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill incident that the network model truly showed its power, and it was during this trying project that the idea for a new type of software which could handle the communication and project handling for a network of companies was born.

Today Hailer is a Social Business Process Management Software. What is capable of helping the local sports clubs and a one-man shop needs, or to handle all the communication both internally and externally for vast company networks.