Hailer for Human Resources Management

Hailer can operate as a recruiting and HR platform to ease the pain of different HR functions and smooth the on-boarding process.

  • Employee Database

  • Training Register

  • Training Calendar

  • Travel Approvals

  • Expense Processing Tool

  • Recruitment Tool

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Hailer combines several tools into one platform: Information storing and management, processes and tasks, as well as communication both in personal and organizational level. And these in an easily customizable manner.

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Collect data:

  • Hailer always collects data in a standard format.
  • And the user can define the information field names and the different steps of the processes.
  • So with the same tool, you can extract various process data and get the information you need.

Analyze data and make a report:

  • When analyzing data, as a result, can be presented as Quick Reports inside Hailer.
  • But if Hailer’s Quick Reports are not enough, the data can be transferred to the Business Intelligence tool. Therefore, the data can be edited as needed.

Setting up Hailer:

Step 1
Hailer and customer look together for the customer’s process needs. For example, how many processes a customer needs and what is the process structure.

Step 2
So meetings are held 1-3 times, depending on the size of the customer. As a result, these meetings will ensure that the setting up Hailer goes smoothly. (via personal or internet).

Step 3
Hailer is installed and launched.

Step 4
And if there is the need for further training, questions or improvements suggestions, the Hailer crew is ready to help.

“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.

-Pearson's law”