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Fully customizable sales software with integrated communication

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  • Account Management

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Sales Pipeline

  • Sales Projects

  • Customer Databases

  • Product Databases

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 One tool: Sales software for startups or more evolved CRM!


Next Generation Process Management

More Transparency

Model your sales pipeline in Hailer activities. It is the only sales software you need! First of all, the setup is easy. You can do this with zero coding skills. Modify the sales processes when your business develops. Manage all your customer and sales project related data in one tool. Meanwhile follow the progress of your sales in three different views; map, calendar or list. Choose your favourite!

Better Context

Keep your communication in the right context. In addition, get the best out of your team to create value for customers. Share documents, picture, and videos of ongoing sales cases and projects. Use the integrated messenger to take forward your leads. Invite a colleague and leave the discussions when your work is done.
Keep the ball rolling!

More Focus

Create new leads and keep up-to-date on the road. Intuitive user interface and the easy-to-use app will keep you in the know on the road. Adding new leads and updating sales cases is quick. All the knowledge of your team is available in your pocket!

Need reports? Follow progress?
It's easy in Hailer, check it out:

  • Hailer collects data in a standard format.

  • Define the information field names and the different steps of the processes

  • Extract various process data and get the information you need

  • Import and export data with excel

  • Check out the progress in list, map or calendar view

  • Quick Reports present data inside Hailer.

Setting up Hailer:

Step 1
We define together your needs and processes. For example, how many processes you need and what is the structure. 

Step 2
We meet a few times F2F or online, as a result, we ensure that setting up Hailer goes smoothly.

Step 3
We install and launch Hailer and invite your organization to join. 

Step 4
Last, if you have a need for further training, questions or improvements suggestions, the Hailer crew is ready to help.