What You Can Do With Hailer

Here are just a few examples, solutions can be built indefinitely.

Hence imagination is the only limit with Hailer – Social Business Process Management Software.



  • Sales

  • Product Management

  • Invoicing

Health & Safety


  • Human Resource

  • Incident Reporting

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Travel Approval



  • Project Board

  • Project Management



  • Audit Processes

  • Waste Management



  • Quality Control

  • Claims Handling

Old Solutions Hailer SBPM Software
When the organization grows, no more new software is needed.
The software not causes a lack of communication, information & knowledge.
Enterprise software is flexible, inexpensive and not time-consuming.
The software is easy to adapt everywhere.
Cloud-based SaaS service.
A single app to manage all.
Ability to create multiple networks.
Easy to set up.