Ever wonder why agile startups turn into boring corporations?

This is a story on why that happens and how using Hailer can prevent it from happening to your company.
We will tell the story through the eyes of five characters whose situations may seem familiar to you. If so, you have already taken the first step towards… well, we will come back to that later.

Our first character is the Business Owner. She would like to do more for her team while still improving herself. But she’s kept busy by raining emails, constant notifications, and lengthy presentations by people who want to be heard.

The Business Owner is stuck in what we call “The Management Layer”.

Business Owner

Next, we have the Salesperson. A social guy who is at his best when he’s out in the field solving the clients’ problems. Because of the nature of his job, he brings in the most crucial information. Such as new opportunities for the company. That is why he needs to enter in 25 fields of data as well as send 40 messages. Where he asks for help from the rest of the organization each time he meets a new client.

As a result, the Salesperson ends up using too much of his time on data entry. And explaining what needs to be done internally. In other words, he is stuck in “The Data Entry Layer


Next, we have the Finance Manager who has way more responsibilities than anyone gives him credit for. He uses lots of spreadsheets, usually stored on his own computer. Making him invaluable when decrypting the information in the spreadsheets, but which also causes a security risk to the company.

the Finance Manager struggles to communicate important things to others outside of his own layer that we call “The Spreadsheet Layer”.

Finance Manager

Next up, we have the Go-To Guy. Someone who has been in the company for ages and seems to have an answer for everything. He sees lots of ways to improve the way the company works but is too busy putting out fires and helping the rest of the organization. As a result, he never has time to be proactive and invest his time in things that can have a huge return in the long run.

The Go-To Guy is stuck in what we call “The Legacy Layer”. Finding himself as the only one in the company who can operate an aging ERP system, bought by the company’s previous management in 1985

Go-To Guy

Last, but definitely not least, is the Hands-on Gal. Who is actually an undercover sales person that spends most of her time with clients, delivering quality services. As she is always out in the field, she finds herself constantly forced to chase down information from the company office. Most often having to call someone who then refers her to someone else. Who may or may not have the information she’s looking for in some old email.

The Hands-on Gal is stuck in the “Operational Layer”, completely disconnected from any company system or process.

Hands-on Gal

All of our key individuals have their own layers covered. But because everyone is too busy and caught up in their own layer. Communication and information sharing between these layers is nothing but noise. Simply put, there’s a countless amount of roads for information between everyone in the organisation, but there are no traffic rules.


This is where Hailer comes in where you can build and run your end-to-end processes. And engage all the right people at the right time with an easy to use app.

But there’s one thing that we have to come clean about. Hailer is only software and no software alone changes organizations, people like you do!


To be successful, regardless of which layer you identify with. You need to become someone who hasn’t been featured in our story yet, namely the Sixth Character. This is someone who understands the strengths and weaknesses of each layer in the organization. But also elevates the individual members to see the bigger picture. Hailer helps you to achieve just that–by giving everyone in your organization the ability to be heard!


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