The Hailer Team -
Social Business Process Management Software


A mixed group of entrepreneur-minded oil spill responders, coders, bankers, IT consultants and a few of freshly graduated students. Everyone with a story of their own and experience of using and developing systems, processes, and policies in different industries now working together towards a common goal. We want to help companies and organizations run more efficiently and think that Hailer is the tool to use to achieve that goal, it really is the communication tool of the future. If you want to find out more about how the Hailer story started, head on over to the Media page.

Hailer Academy

We are strong believers in networking and sharing the knowledge we have. Hailer Academy is a learn-from-experts concept where students needing work practice and recently graduated students can learn new skills or deepen their knowledge together with our team in a real-life environment either as part of the Hailer team or for partner companies. Hailer Academy co-operates with schools and companies, for now mostly in the Porvoo area and the goal is to make gaining work experience fun and beneficial for all parties, contact us for more info.

Sami Jukonen


Investor relations, customer acquisition

+358 50 352 9988

Nico Larsen


Business development, sales and consultation

+358 40 517 7920

Jaakko Nieminen

Head of Sales

Customer acquisition, training and consulting.

+358 40 351 6789

Eemeli Linna


Customer acquisition, training and consulting.

+358 40 177 9752

Fredrik Fager

Co-Founder, Head of Development

iOS, Full-Stack Web Developer + Software Architect

Jonas Lemberg

Product Manager

Making sure we do the right things in the right order

Tuomas Metsälä

Full Stack Developer

I write code and bridge the gap between developers and business.

Henri Vass

Coach and Mentor

Improving development processes and father figure for the Hailer Academy.

Juuso Elo-Rauta


Taking good care of the Android side of Hailer

Paavo Huotari

Front-end Developer

I write code, mostly for Front-end.

Stefan Sundell


Sales, consultation, and internal administration

+358 50 354 3937

Lassi Henriksson


Application platforms, server infrastructure and networks.

Patrik Gröhn


Client systems main user, webmaster

Patrik Larsen


Creating and designing a new and improved Hailer interface.

Elias Heikkinen


Lari Heikkinen