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Project management

Hailer is a dynamic project management tool that is customizable and adaptable to manage any project with ease, making it the ideal solution for both existing processes and future unknowns. Hailer allows you to invite and involve all the relevant people in your processes, including external partners, making your communication simple, focused and effective.


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Co-Creation and Community

Co-Creation and Community

The ability to connect both internal and external parties makes Hailer the ideal tool to build networks and co-create. With Hailer, you can connect with, and organize large groups to get involved with projects of any kind.

Managing workflows, setting goals and tracking progress is easy with Hailer, ensuring that anything you set in motion keeps moving forward. Hailer is the ideal place to start your passion project, be it sharing business ideas, organizing environmental cleanups, or planning charity events.

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With Hailer you can manage all your sales and customers in one place, gather data on your sales performance and set up different sales-related processes and workflows for your organization. Hailer allows you to focus your sales efforts on one platform, sales functions that can be set up in Hailer include:

  • Account management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Sales pipelines
  • Sales projects
  • Customer databases
  • Product databases
Human resources

Human Resources

Hailer can be set up as a complete human resources platform, managing everything from recruitment to employee databases to travel expense approvals. With Hailer, all your HR data, processes and activities are concentrated in one place allowing for smooth and intuitive employee management. Examples of HR functions that can be set up in Hailer include:

  • Employee databases
  • Training registers
  • Event calendars
  • Travel approvals
  • Expense processing tools
  • Recruitment tools

EHS management

You can manage all your environment, health and safety-related processes in Hailer. Link your processes and information flows directly to company procedures. Keep track of corrective actions, document all messages and documents in one place. Examples of how Hailer can be used for EHS include:

  • Incident reporting
  • Training registers
  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Maintenance registers
  • Custom workflows