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The collaboration tool that combines projects and communication

Connect instant messaging to ongoing tasks and projects. Leave and join discussions as needed to control your communication flow or add the right people to the discussions. Build easily your own networks with Hailer.

Create instant message functions that are tied for example to sales projects, calendar events or development steps.  Communication is focused on the right people at the right time. Our solution ensures that knowledge loss is minimal. All communication is stored, which makes decision making more transparent. 

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  • Process building engine: Model your processes into Hailer. Easily do this with zero coding skills. Manage access rights and allow communication where ever it is needed. Make teamwork seamless with all in one collaboration tool.
  • Communication: Integrated instant messenger allows you to keep your discussions in context. It can be in any part of process stage or in a communication channel just for informal chatting. You decide.
  • The Feed: Hailer Feed is an internal social media wall for engaging your people. You can publish key decisions or latest deals. Share your vision across the organization and collect feedback for your ideas.
  • Calendar: Schedule and plan 
  • Read more  about the features: What's in the Box 

Use cases

The modular collaboration app can be tailored to support any line of business. 

  • Sales Pipeline
  • Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Sales to Delivery
  • Digital Board Minutes
  • Incident Reports
  • Recruiting
  • Actions & Task Management 
  • Or your own process example, workplace exercise


The next-generation collaboration software

Hailer collaboration platform is available on browser or on mobile devices. You can easily check the progress of your project, chat and invite on the go. It is like having your entire back office in your pocket. Intuitive user interface and endless modification options will help you to focus on the core! 


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