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Bring your communication and workflow management to the next level and reach your goals faster. Fully customizable - manage any work.

Sales pipeline and messages in the same place

Simple but powerful CRM

Hailer is the next generation business software.  Model your processes easily without coding skills, manage your data and keep your project communication available for the stakeholders and team members to build the CRM for your needs

Hailer integrates sales management and communication seamlessly. Model, track, communicate. When your business grows, Hailer grows with you, without coding or expensive consultants.




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Build the CRM for your needs

  • Hailer business process management modules are customizable, which makes a great business management tool 
  • Collect the data you need
  • Create new workflows from scratch or use Hailer Templates
  • You can allow in-activity messenger where ever you need it 
  • Keep your business management simple and effective
How to build a free CRM

Link activities

By linking Hailer processes and datasets you can create dependencies between the workflows or link ie. customer data to related sales project. Build the links wherever you need them and ensure data-driven decision making -read more.


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Hailer Feed

Keep your whole organization in the know. Hailer Feed is a virtual bulletin board where you can share goals, engage and encourage. You can publish automatic posts from your workflows. Celebrate your closed deals 🚀

Integrated messenger

The next-generation CRM tool ties processes and communication seamlessly together. You have all the details and communication in your back pocket. Never lose an important message to flooded inbox again! Read more

business software calendar


Manage your sales meetings in the same management app. The Hailer events collect your meeting-related documents and discussions always on the right channel. Sync it to Google or Outlook calendars. Create separate meeting calendars, vacation calendars etc. (licence limitations might apply).