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Hailer brings together the favorite features from instant messaging and workflow management. Work better together.  

All in one work management platform

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The perfect way to collaborate.

  • Hailer Discussions combines instant messaging with process management with integrated video call functionality.
  • Invite members from your internal and external networks to share files and follow the progress of your projects.
  • All files posted in discussions are stored and easily browsable.
  • All messages are stored and viewable by all members, even those who join the discussion at a later time.
  • Joining and leaving chats is easy, so each member can hop out after their input.

Workflows Feature


  • All the work you do in Hailer is organized through flexible workflow modules
  • You can manage all your activities in these customizable workflows 
  • Creating a new workflow is easy and requires no coding skills, it can be done entirely from scratch or using one of Hailers pre-built templates.



Choose your favorite view 🔎

Hailer workflows come with

  • Kanban
  • List view
  • Calendar with a timeline view
  • Map view 🌎





  • Manage multiple calendars in one place
  • Share documents and discuss
  • View all your ongoing activities and projects


The Hailer Feed keeps your team in the know! 

  • A virtual bulletin board
  • Publish posts on key decisions, news from your projects, or follow-up on your milestones


Features management tool
Integrations & tech stuff


Hailer is a cloud-based solution with high availability. We update and improve it continuously. Hailer is GDPR compliant. Full product description

Integrations & API:

  • Zapier - connect to thousands of apps
  • Google - sign in & Google docs
  • Jitsi - video calls

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