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Discussions form the base of the Hailer experience and bring all your communication, data and activities together. It combines instant messaging with process management with integrated video call functionality. In My discussions you can invite members from your internal and external networks to share files and follow the progress of your projects. A perfect way to collaborate.  All files posted in discussions are stored and easily browsable. 

Additionally, all messages are stored and viewable by all members, even those who join the discussion at a later time, so new people joining can quickly see what has already been discussed. Finally, joining and leaving chats is easy, so each member can hop out after their input.

Hailer activities


All the work you do in Hailer is organized through activities, activities are flexible modules that can be used to model and manage any process in your organization. Activities can be used to, among other things, track progress, organize processes, store data and build databases. Efficiently structured projects are the backbone of successful collaboration!

All of Hailer’s advanced functions, like CRM, EHS management and HR management are built on the activities platform.

Creating a new activity is easy and requires no coding skills, it can be done entirely from scratch or using one of Hailers pre-built templates. So set up your first workflow and start collaborating!


The Hailer Feed keeps your team in the know, it is a virtual bulletin board where you can involve your entire organization by posting anything from news to ideas, files or funny videos. You can set your feed to automatically publish posts on key decisions, news from your projects or to follow-up on your milestones.

The Hailer Feed is the perfect place to make your organizations goals both visible and tangible, to share internal news and give feedback to your network.

Social feed
Hailer calendar


The Hailer calendar seamlessly integrates your entire organization and all your communications, files and processes with your calendar. Here you can quickly see when your colleagues are busy, track important events and stay up to date on what’s coming up. Hailer calendar events all have their own discussions, allowing users to communicate directly in the context of a specific event to, for example, notify other participants that they are late.

Files can also be stored directly to events, making it easy to share meeting agendas or notes after the meeting. The Hailer calendar is fully compatible with most calendar solutions and events can easily be exported to other applications.

Users and teams

Users and teams is a directory over every member of your organization. Here each member can share key information about themselves and look up and access other members of the organization either directly through direct discussions or in groups by contacting a team.

User and teams

Tech stuff: Safety & API

Hailer is a cloud-based solution with high availability. We update and improve it continuously. And it is GDPR compliant.

You can extract your activity data in an industry-standard format and configure custom reporting as you want it. We will help you in setting up your reporting, so contact us!

Tech Stuff