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What do you get?

  • Freemium - you can for instance run the sales of your small team or project manage the construction of your dream home. Replaces Slack, Trello, Monday or any basic CRM
  • Unlimited - you can run large sales and project teams, manage your products, health and safety and much more. Replaces advanced CRM systems, all project management and communication tools
  • Enterprise - you can run anything. Replaces CRM, PLM and ERP systems


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Workflows made easy!

Workflows đź’™ Discussions = Hailer

Discussions combine instant messaging with workflow management. It forms the base of the Hailer experience and brings all your communication, data and activities together. In My discussions, you can invite members from your internal and external networks to share files and follow the progress of your projects. A perfect way to collaborate.  All files posted in discussions are stored and easily browsable.

Create a new process

Activities - manage any work!

You can use the pre-built templates or build your own lists and workflows from scratch. It is easy, you do not need any coding skills for it.

When the setup is ready you can start working. Invite the team, chat and complete your goals. You can define all the workflows where you want to use the messenger functionality. This will create a chat channel dedicated to the projects in that process. By linking the workflows and datasets you can create dependencies and subtasks. 


The Hailer Feed is the perfect place to share internal news and give feedback to your network. Here you can make your organizations goals both visible and tangible. Hailer is a great workflow management software.

You can post anything from news to ideas, files or funny videos. You can set your feed to automatically publish posts on key decisions, news from your workflows or to follow-up on your milestones.


Hailer feature calendar


The calendar integrates your entire organization and all your communications, files, and workflows with your calendar. Create several calendars for different event types. Integrated messenger keeps the discussions related to events in the right place. Share files and meeting documents in the same chat channel. Workflow management made easy.


Hailer customers are from many different fields and industries: event management, environmental project management, construction, finance, non-profit organizations..  It does not matter what your work is! 

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