brings organizational speed

Because your whole organisation communicates around the activities that are important.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Sounds grandiose but it's our part of our core philosophy. It's not all about specific features and specs, what we want to do is to get people working together in one tool not designed to fix one problem for a specific target group but to model the processes in any type of organization, creating a single source of easily accessible information. It’s always been our goal to make Hailer easy enough to set up and use that a person with average computer skills can do it without compromises, coding or intimate database knowledge.

So what is it?

A short Hailer introduction

The core functions of any Hailer network

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My Focus

Instant messaging connected to the tasks and projects you are currently working on. Leave and join discussions as needed to control your information flow. Keep your focus on what is important.


Visualize what you do and model all of your processes into Hailer activities. Let Hailer collect the What, Who, Where, When and How so you and your team can focus on hitting your targets.

the Feed

Make your team addicted to your company culture with an information feed, automatically publish key decisions or news from the sales team and get your vision communicated across the organization. Or post funny videos – your company, your rules.


We like to think of it as a company calendar with added team-focused features. All Events work like activities and have their own dedicated discussion channel, hit thumbs up or thumbs down and get a quick overview of who is attending.


Hailer for Teams


Our free version comes with some limitations, you’ll be limited to 5 users, 5 Gb of storage and can only have 2 modules in your network. Other than that it’s full featured so you can do trials or run a smaller team with it.


Hailer for Enterprises

11€ per user, monthly

The normal full featured Hailer-license. Recommended for companies and enterprises with 5-100 users. Includes 50gb of shared storage and you can invite as many external partners into your network as you need.

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Hailer for Networks

Custom pricing

Full customization by our team and training sessions for main users of your network included. Recommended for larger networks of companies and in cases where customized access management is needed.

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In brief, those are our license models all available on a free 30 day trial basis and without minimum contract lengths. If you have any questions about the pricing, special requests or run a charity/non-profit get in touch with us and we will figure something out that works for you.

We also offer training packages but prefer to set up the details according to your specific needs so reach out to us if you are interested in those.

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