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Flexible workflow designing, data linking, and seamless collaboration. Build a business management tool to suit your needs. 
modular structure

Hailer Use Cases

Projects and tasks

Keep your projects and communication in one place. Collaborate easily with all relevant stakeholders. Build tailored

  • Project pipelines
  • Project & task dependencies
  • Time tracking

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projects and tasks management

Business operations

Manage and track any or all processes in your business operations in one platform. Collaborate seamlessly across teams and through the supply chain. 

  • Production
  • HSEQ
  • Resources
  • Ticketing
business operations


Manage your sales processes, communication, and collaboration in one easy-to-use tool. Never miss an important message or a file again. Read more, or get started for free 

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sales management


Build better events with Hailer x Boogi workspace - a solution to a common problem in event management. It brings together data and communication. Manage resources, sales, and planning easily. 

event management
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