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Leave your contact details, and we will get back to you shortly.

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Bring your communication and workflow management to the next level and reach your goals faster.

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Whether you track dates, numbers or text or other data, Hailer offers you an easy way to set up, manage, and display your data.

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Linked data

Data becomes really powerful when it includes information about relationships. Simply add link fields to other activities on your activity card.

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Workflows and datasets

Create processes and datasets to work the way you want by clicking, dragging dropping. Add rules and automation to power-up your workflows with a few lines of javascript functions.

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Function Fields

Make any field a Javascript function field to do the heavy lifting for you. It's almost like magic.

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Many views, same data

To view, manage and navigate your activities you can use one of our many views

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Collect data in the right format right in to your workflows with inbuilt webforms that you can style and configure the way you want.



Communicate in the right context with the right people and with all relevant information right there. 

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News feed

Pick what you want to publish on the newsfeed from your workflows




Reporting possibilities

Create insights from your data. Hailer Insights provides all Hailer data in light SQL chart format. Quick and easy way to filter and view the data from different angles.  Make it into shareable HTML or CSV links or opened up in a pivot view.

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Integrations & API

Hailer is a cloud-based solution with high availability. We update and improve it continuously. Hailer is GDPR compliant.

  • Zapier - connect to thousands of apps
  • Oneio collaboration
  • Google - sign in & Google docs
  • Jitsi - video calls
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