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Case Study

Customized CRM for B2B salesteam - Case Gigantti

Gigantti is a home electronics retail chain operating in the Nordics. Hailer is used by the b2b sales organization in five franchising stores in the...

Case Study

Centralized and effective communication - Case  Joblink Oy

The most significant benefit is the time we save. All important things are in one place, and communication is always in the right context. We...

Case Study

Flexible case management solution for Heinonkoski Law Firm

Mikko Heinonkoski, Founder Heinonkoski Law Firm

"The Hailer Workspace was fully customized to our needs and it was up and running on a fast schedule....

Case Study

Transparent and fluent Q&S incident reporting - TKM TTT Finland

TKM TTT Finland is a leading producer of tools for the wood industry. The production plant is located in Toijala and manufactures various blades for...

Case Study

Agile solution for workflows and communication - Case HW-Company

Kai Helisten, CEO, HW-Company says:

Hailer brings structure to the operation. All our internal communication and all practical things are now in...

Case Study

Building an environment for continuous learning - FutureFit

Employees all over the world need to embrace new skills to keep up with digital development. This sets up quite a challenge for employers. User...

Case Study

No paper! Weare Solutions digitized their processes in Hailer

Digitizing company functions - How to create scalable digital office? Case Weare:

Weare Solutions’ core business areas are Business Driven software...

Case Study

Effective project communication ensures Lamor project deliveries

Oil spills are on average many times cheaper to clean up offshore than shoreline cleanup. This is the prime reason why the margin for error in Lamors...

Case Study

Effective project management tool for Honkatalot/Polar Life Haus

Honkatalot is a Finnish family-owned company. Where the know-how of wood processing has been in four generations for over a hundred years. The...

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