It is not just about getting things done, but about doing the right things at the right time at the best possible way. Hailer Calendar is a great tool to plan and track your ongoing and upcoming events and deadlines.

Hailer Calendar

In every Hailer workspace, one or many calendars can be created. With this familiar feature, you can create separate calendars, for example, holiday calendar, individual calendars, team calendar etc. Restrict the visibility of a calendar to a certain set of users or user groups. Use different colours to visualize the availability and make the different events stand out, ie. use black colour for the holiday calendar and blue for internal meetings. 

In addition to this, it is possible to view your activities with date fields in the same calendar.  Hailer Activities is the place where you manage your workflows or processes, bring the important dates to the Hailer Events with the activity filter. These can be, for example, project deadlines, customer meeting dates, campaign duration (date range).  You can also open and edit the activity in the calendar sidebar, view linked activities, and use the messenger. 


Event messenger channel

Any event can act as a discussion channel, i.e a group chat connected to the event. In the event chat, you can share the agenda and other related documents. Discuss with the meeting participants about decisions or possible changes in the agenda or practical arrangements. This is the quickest and easiest way to keep the participants informed. 

Views and filters

Hailer Events has four views: month, week, day, and timeline. You can also filter the events based on calendar type, user, and activity. User filter shows all the users in your network and you can easily check the availability of your team members. Read more about the filters on and test them in your Hailer calendar.

Workflow and phase colors

You can set different colors for different phases in your workflow. It makes it easier to visualize the progress of your activities. The Workflow color defines the frame for color for each phase. Set the colors in each phase and for the workflow in the general settings. 

Sync - iCal

You can find the iCal link for the different calendars or for your events only. Check the separate tutorial on how to sync Hailer events to Outlook, Gmail, or ios device. You can find the iCal link from the calendar list drop down and hover over the calendar you would like to sync:



Clear insight on the progress

Who has the ball? What are the next steps?  Effective project or task management needs regular follow up and clear responsibilities. Modern collaboration tool gives you a helicopter view of the progress. Clear task assignment and the calendar view help to stay on top of things. Hailer is customizable and can be tailored to suit any process or projects. This is why we want to make the Hailer calendar as good as possible. 

Your project can be arranging an event, a strategic development or a kick-ass birthday party for your kid. Whatever it is Hailer will keep your important stuff organized. We made a list about online collaboration tool benefits - check it here.

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