We had a productive summer thanks to our summer developers! The latest release consists of many smaller improvements and a bunch of pretty cool new features: 

  • Discussion pop-out (standalone) - Hailer productivity hack! Chat in a pop-out window and work on other Hailer stuff at the same time - the pop-out button is in the top right corner of the discussion
  • Mute discussion 🔕- mute the discussions from the top right corner (the three dots open up a menu)
  • Copy an activity / process module or dataset - do you have repetitive tasks? This feature is for you! You can now copy Hailer activities or even whole processes - Read more about copying activities or copying a process or dataset
  • The kanban view is faster and better than before
  • When a  user is selected in a field, the user can be automatically invited to the activity (needs to be enabled in process settings).


P.s. Our knowledge base help.hailer.com is now live - what kind of tutorials would you like to read? What are the problems you would like to get answered? Would you like to help us to build a FAQ section? Answer a few questions here (answering takes 2 minutes):

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