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Projects and messages in the same place

Tailored to your needs

Hailer is a fully customizable tool that allows you to tailor it to always fit your needs. Use our extensive template library to create your own processes from scratch.

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Bring your whole team to Hailer

You can bring an unlimited amount of guests to your workspace. So whether you're working with a bigger sales team, or with external stakeholders, Hailer allows you to bring all of your process communication to your workspace.


Get started for free

Get started for free

Effective project management software

Hailer is a next-generation project management software. Model your processes easily without coding skills, manage your data and keep your project communication open and available for stakeholders and team members. 

Hailer integrates simple project management and communication seamlessly. Model, track, communicate.


simple project management app


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Modular Process Management

  • Hailer process management modules are customizable, making them a great project management tool 
  • Collect the data you need
  • Create new workflows from scratch or use Hailer Templates
  • Allow in-activity messenger where ever you need it 
  • Keep your project management simple and effective

Integrated messenger

The next-generation project management software ties processes and communication seamlessly together. You have everything you need in one place. Never lose an important message to a flooded inbox again! Hailer Discussions has an inbuilt video conferencing function.

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