Midventum is an independent investment banking firm founded in 2008. They provide advisory services within mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, as well as financial advisory. During the years when their business grew they started to have challenges of how to manage large information flows of both market and client data.

“I am in the trust business. Trust is everything and everything else comes second. The reason is simple. When my clients want to make acquisitions, when they need financing or when they finally want to make their exit, we are the entrusted partner to advise them. When my sales team grew and I realized we were operating with many different spreadsheets. That was highly inefficient I decided to implement a CRM system. ” says Midventum Tom Åkerberg

The best tool for the job

Midventum studied the CRM field and ran into many different systems. After some free trials, they realized that all the CRM systems that were simple to use were lacking features that they needed. On the other hand, the more expensive systems had a lot of unnecessary features and turned out to be complex. Hailer was introduced to Midventum as the next-generation process management tool with integrated communication. Midventum was interested to learn more.

Hailer platform was chosen because the processes are fully customizable. In addition, the processes can be modified by system key-user, whenever needed without coding. In addition, the implementation was simple and fast, and cooperation with Hailer was easy.

“There aren’t many similar tools out there and I was surprised to learn that there is a fast-growing startup in my home country who is at the forefront of developing a totally new type of customizable platform. The thing that intrigued me the most was that I would be able to continue to develop my other processes on the same platform after I am happy with the CRM functionality ” says Midventum Tom Åkerberg.

Benefits of Hailer

Hailer turned out to be a good fit for Midventum. It would not only enable to manage sales pipeline and manage contacts but also develop the sales process on the go. The worries about making changes to software evaporated soon. In Hailer, it is just as easy to improve your process as it is to update a spreadsheet or send an email.

The best part was by far that in Hailer the cooperation with the entire back office and the sales team works seamlessly. This enabled salespeople to have all the best expertise in their pockets as they are out with clients. The back office was happy offering more help because all messaging between the teams was done on the Hailer platform, in the right context.