Have you ever been added to a cc-list of a massive e-mailing? And wondered how on earth you can get out of the everlasting discussion? You, of course, are ignoring those kind e-mails. And then somebody comes and asks in a meeting that hasn’t you seen the very very important memo?

The common challenge seems to be that companies take into use multiple tools for different purposes. They have a static cloud-based service for sharing files, e-mail as a communication tool towards external partners, chat for internal communication and a process management tool to track the project. And in addition, maybe a social platform which is totally disconnected from the processes and lacks the business context. The multiple tools can obviously be costly and complex.

What if you could easily start new activities. Assign a team to perform the activity, and after outlining what needs to be done. Just simply leave the discussion and trust the team to do the quality work? And get notified when the activity is ready?

Hailer is a leadership-platform that helps people and organizations to focus on the activities that matter the most. All the activities are modeled in the correct process, such as:

  • Sales
  • HR
  • Production
  • Projects
  • Business Development
  • Steering Group
  • Decision Making
  • And whatever your business requires

All the processes have different phases and in the different phases, different people are involved. For example, the design team starts, the productions team continues, and testing team finalizes. But the actual activity is the same for all the teams, and thus they require the same information.

That’s why Hailer has its task-centric approach: It’s always the activity or task, such as a sales activity developing from a lead to a project, that is where the focus should be. The project team should have instant access to contact information, and an easy way to ask the sales manager questions. The modern organization should concentrate on getting to their goals not on how to manage communication and workflows. The collaboration tools should be simple, intuitive and modular to serve the purpose. To streamline your communication has additional benefits to your organization, such as:

  1. Centralized and more structured communication
  2. Improved information flow, including files and projects updates
  3. Access to earlier messages and decisions reduces miscommunication
  4. More efficient handoffs and structured feedback
  5. Clear insight into the project’s progress 
  6. Boost communication and team decision making

How can you centralize the project communication, improve information exchange and increase efficiency with a moderd online collaboration tool? 

Learn here about Hailer Chatting app - how can it help you to reduce e-mails and keep your inbox clean from clutter. 

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