Many companies select Hailer because they want their system to mimic and support their effective work methods rather than dictate how they need to work. In numerous situations, we have learned that many have succeeded because they do things differently. 

Together we have built numerous workspaces to match these unique processes and ways to collaborate. Teams and companies do not need to change their ways of working because of a system - Hailer adapts easily to those ways. 

So, what happens with these industry-specific workspaces? Before, those were only used by one team in that workspace. Now by creating a public copy of it, Workspace Owners can share the joy. For example, the Boogi configuration has been designed for event management professionals by event management professionals.

  • Copy workspace creates a copy of your workflows, datasets, and linked modules. Activities are not copied. How does this work? Check out tutorial >


If you have first struggled to find a solution that genuinely works as you want and then created it on Hailer, why not make it your very own software that you can sell?  Or do you have an idea for an app or see a clear need that hasn’t been fulfilled yet.? Or maybe you have created a new process to accomplish your goals, and you would like to commercialize it? We can help you commercialize your solution. Contact us for more information.

Traditionally, building a software solution has been expensive and time-consuming. We are here to change that.

When should you consider this?

  • When you know your business and/or industry like your own pockets
  • When you can identify a clear problem related to human collaboration data management or information flow
  • When you haven't been able to find software that would help solve the critical pain points in your day to day work


What do you need to know?

  • You need to be able to describe the problems in your business or industry
  • You need to be able to identify a good and elegant solution to the problem when you see one
  • Very little about software, we take care of this part


What do you need to invest?

  • Depending on how comprehensive your solution is and how many iterations, we need to make everything from 0-5 workshops with some message exchange and phone calls in between.
  • A few hours to a few days of consultation and training from a Hailer customer success person to set everything up 
  • After your system is up and running, you will have no running costs except for the licence of the system you use yourself


What will you get

  • Your very own software that you can sell on your website that customers will be able to try for free
  • Monthly recurring revenue from licence fees
  • Knowledge that will surely benefit your business in many ways

Contact us for more details!

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