This year the product development team at Hailer will focus especially on improving the overall user experience of Hailer. We want to make the on-boarding process and usage even more smooth, fast and intuitive. This means numerous design, quality and performance improvements will continuously be delivered to you on a weekly basis. The following feature updates are coming in 2020. Most of them are based on user feedback. Thanks to all who have participated!

Messenger Improvements

During the first quarter of this year, we will add frequently requested messenger features such as editing and deleting sent messages as well as replying to messages. Additionally features such as marking discussions as important and searching in discussion threads will also be implemented. Thirdly tagging @@ users will be implemented! These improvements will make the Hailer Messenger even better. We want to make sure that managing your messages and project communication is an effortless experience. 

Calendar Improvements

We are currently adding a calendar feature to our beloved iOS application, which will be available during the first quarter as well. Showing activity dates in the event calendar is another frequently requested feature we are currently working on. This means you can view for example your project deadlines in the Hailer calendar and sync them outside Hailer if needed. 

Kanban View

We are also finishing up a brand new feature which allows you to view your processes in a kanban view. The feature is already available to selected customers and will be publicly released in a few weeks. In the kanban you can easily see all the different tasks in all the phases of your workflow. Drag and drop makes it easy and quick to manage. Contact us if you want to join the preview!

Documents and Function Fields

For selected enterprise customers, we are working on two very powerful and interesting new features. First, a document printing function, allowing the user to create documents like invoices, packing lists and reports based on real-time Hailer data and document templates. Secondly, allowing custom functions in any field, adding a lot of new possibilities. This allows calculating things like gross margins, deadlines, rates and returns automatically based on Hailer data. Contact us if you are interested!

Do you have some other ideas on how we could make Hailer better? Send us a message!

Author: Jonas Lemberg, Head of Product