We have received numerous requests to extend the search functionality to cover also the discussion content. And now it is here 🥳 Thanks for the valuable feedback! 

You can now search for a specific message directly from the global search in the left navigation pane or by using the search bar on top of your discussion list. 

  • Global search lists all results: activities, feed posts, file names, and messages
  • Discussion search lists all results in the discussions: activities, contacts, and messages

Click the message in the search results and the right chat opens up and the message is highlighted. Check more search tips from help.hailer.com/search-options

Make money with Hailer

Have you built an awesome Hailer Workspace for a specific problem that you believe others could benefit from? Now it is possible to copy your creation and give (or sell) it to anyone in need. The functionality is available for Workspace Owners. As a Workspace Owner, you can create a copy link and share it with your customers and stakeholders

  • Copy workspace creates a copy of your workflows, datasets, and linked modules, activities are not copied. How does this work? Check out tutorial >


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