We are happy to announce a new partnership with Kwitaro Business Solutions - experts in business monitoring and data integration. Kwitaro builds real-time and informational dashboards from different data sources. They help their customers to become data-driven and make information-based decisions and to avoid the typical pitfalls of:

  • Errors in data (due to manual user input)
  • Incomplete data (lack of monitoring)
  • Data is not available at the right time for the right people (due to changing systems)
  • Data not up-to-date
  • Many versions of the truth

Kwitaro is based in the Netherlands and will act as a Gold partner in their area and as an expert in joint projects. They will strengthen the know-how and capacity of business intelligence services in the Hailer team. In addition, we have now the possibility to help Dutch customers in their local language.  Kwitaro has extensive know-how in tailored Business Intelligence solutions.  

The demand for different business intelligence services has increased significantly together we can respond to this demand. In upcoming partnership projects, we would like to support customers with cost-effective and practical data pipeline and reporting solutions. Where Hailer acts as an easy-to-use data entry point and together with the smart data visualization we can build systems that support data-based decision making. 

Forget static spreadsheets and move to real-time data visualization with us!

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