Here's the last bigger update before summer break!

This update consists mainly of mobile improvements, but we also managed to sneak in some new features.

Google SSO -frictionless sign in
    • Users can now log in and create new Hailer networks by using Google authentication.
Mobile view in android device

Updated main view for mobile clients
    • Hailer on Android devices now has the same look and feel like the iOS app. This makes navigation more comfortable and with the quick add buttons adding new stuff is easier than before. Adding, for example, new activities or events should be much more easier than before. The quickest way to check if you have the latest version in Android is to open your Hailer app on your device and check if the navigation pane is at the bottom. If not - Go to Play store and download the new version. We’d love to hear your feedback about mobile usability! 

      Copy process
      • It takes only one click to copy a Hailer process module. Network admins can find the copy process button next to the process settings.

Copy process button

Coming soon:

Copy Activity 

Zapier connectors - read more

Details about Hailer Function Fields- combine and process data from processes and datasets 

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