An adaptable and customizable ERP or work management system helps an evolving business to remain efficient. Heavy systems often lag, meaning that the company has to adapt its policies and practices to fit the system rather than the other way around. In this article, we highlight the benefits of customizable and adaptable software.

What is a work management system?

A very large number of companies have some form of work management system in place. This could mean Excel and email or an information system covering all or some core processes. Activities are controlled according to a specific process. The system helps the company to automate tasks, reducing manual work. Time is freed up for value-adding activities.  

The system's role is to help the company monitor and manage its business processes. Today, ERP systems are often linked to reporting. The data collected from the activities in the system is used for decision-making, resourcing, and identifying areas for improvement. 

Why should you choose a customizable work management system?

  1. It can be tailored to fit specific business processes and needs of the company
  2. The users more easily adapt customized systems tailored to match ways of working
  3. It can be easily modified when the company’s processes evolve over time
  4. Easy to extend usage to other teams/departments or cover needs that might be forced by the government ie. whistleblowing directive

Effectively managed processes require continuous improvement. This also places challenges on the work management system. For example, development actions can recognize the need to remove unnecessary phases in the processes or add them when required. 

When the system is in line with how things are done, employees clearly understand how work is done and what phases are involved in each process. This adaptability, therefore, helps to adapt to changing circumstances and makes the work transparent. 

Every company has its own way of working and needs for business management, and the work management system must meet these needs. Before adding another workflow software to your list of IT systems, you should explore the opportunities of the ones you are already using. 

How does Hailer work as a work management system?

Hailer is a low-code solution that can model any business process cost-effectively. The processes are fully customizable, linkable, and customizable to suit the business. Processes provide structure for management, resourcing, and decision-making. An easy-to-use interface allows the solution to be updated whenever necessary, often by the company's own end-user. 

Linkable data - Hailer also offers the flexibility to link data according to your needs. Linked and centralized data brings accuracy to decision-making and makes processes more efficient. The same data can be used in different parts of the business without entering it into multiple systems or transferring it from one system to another through integration. Centralized management reduces manual errors and therefore improves data quality. 

For example, sales and production teams can use the same information when ordering and production processes are designed from the outset to support each other, and the teams work in the same system. 

Communication - Besides easy customization, Hailer's communication feature brings additional efficiency to operations. The integrated instant messaging feature keeps communication in context and adds structure. Structured instant messaging is a useful tool for transferring information within an organization. It facilitates fast and efficient communication, speeds up information search and retrieval, promotes collaboration, and provides a central repository for information.

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