"We were able to replace five other tools with a single solution and significantly improve our internal communication. "

Logomo is an event centre for culture and arts in Turku. More than 1000 events are organized every year. These include concerts, international conferences, seminars, galas, and meetings. In 2022, Logomo had 295 000 visitors. The event centre employs around 30 people directly and hundreds indirectly. Logomo provides a flexible framework and a wide range of support services for events in different sectors.Logomo refecard EN (1)

Logomo previously used several different systems for sales and production management. The aim was to streamline operations and improve communication. The main problem was that the same information was manually entered into several different systems, which caused many errors and wasted time.

The solution is also used in Turku Castle, operated by Sunborn, and in the Helsinki House of Culture. Each event house manages its operations in the same system, so reporting is also easy at the group level.

In addition to the Boogi product, a wider Hailer solution for event production, resourcing, operations management, and reporting was designed for Logomo.

"The project's timeline was very ambitious. Although we fell short of some of the deadlines, we are pleased with the results. We could replace five other tools with a single solution and significantly improve internal communication. 

The system has been developed throughout the project, and our wishes and needs have been well considered. Cooperation with the project team has been smooth, and communication has been open. Problem areas have been actively addressed, and customer support has been swift. 

As the project and testing have progressed, we have been able to adapt the workflows to suit us better. We have also brought external partners into the same workspace, saving our time and that of our partners by eliminating unnecessary communication." Say Henna Kakko, Sales Manager and Jonne Haavisto, Venue Manager from Logomo

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