We are pleased to announce a fresh partnership with Kvanttori 🥳

Kvanttori is a software company that is specialized in web services and integrations. They focus on deliveringKvanttori Oy logo well-designed, efficient solutions which are highly functional, maintainable, and scalable. 

Kvanttori was founded in 2021 by a group of ICT students and business management professionals, and it is based in Turku. The company is based on a good team spirit and a strong desire to use its own expertise to offer innovative solutions. 

“Kvanttori strengthens our development resources and we have already excellent results from our collaboration. They have designed and developed the recently published web form with new theming and messaging possibilities - read more about the public form. Especially the form messaging feature opens totally new use cases; it is used for example in the Hailer Whistleblowing channel. All these new features are available for all Hailer customers. 

Collaboration with Kvanttori supports our strategy to build a distributed network of independent dev teams all working towards a common goal. They are involved in developing the Hailer core as well as helping with custom configurations.

We hope that the cooperation with Kvanttori will inspire other like-minded young talented companies to join our ever-growing network. As Hailer, we want to create cohesion between network members and our customers” Nico Larsen Hailer CEO.

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