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Improve the user adoption - reduce the app overload

Online project management, collaboration software, chat, to-do list app, calendar do you have them all? Is your organization getting the full...


The new era of collaboration tools

Are you planning a project? Do you have a team of people working for a common goal? This blog post will help you to understand how an online...


The Change is new normal

The Change is new normal and organizations need to deal with it. You hear this magic word - change - everywhere you go. Companies and individuals...


Structure your communication

Photo by Brodie Vissers from Burst Most of us have experienced a situation where constant e-mails hamper the management of personal tasks and...


Reduce Your eMails

Have you ever been added to a cc-list of a massive emailing? And wondered how on earth you can get out of the everlasting discussion? You, of...


Knowledge Management

The goal of knowledge management is to improve the overall set of organizational capabilities. Through better use of individual and collective...


Hailer <3 Kotlin

We here at Hailer believe that if we want to produce the best possible product we need to be fearless. by adopting new and innovative technologies...


"Do what you love with a passion and it doesn't feel like work"-slaying the utopia

Nowadays everywhere you turn, whether it’s social media or talking heads, people talk about how they love what they do and it gives them such a...


Bottlenecks in information flow.

You probably recognize the phrase “why wasn’t I informed!!??”. Quite common in organizations where there is more than one person working. Some...

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