Have you ever worked in an organization where the management team meets once a week in the fancy top-floor meeting room? Drinks coffee for a couple of hours and never sends out any info or memo about what they discuss there. 

Have you ever worked in a management team where you meet once a week and:

  • Make tough decisions under constant stress
  • have the endless amount of sleepless nights
  • worrying about how you can make sure that the organization will beat the competition in order to survey the next year as well
  • Or just to ensure that employees can have their summer festival to start their well-deserved summer vacation


How about if you could combine the team decision-making process and communication?

Hailer can operate as a decision management platform. Where the organization can create decision requiring-activities for the management team. These activities can be created by the management team and, if needed, also by the rest of the organization. The decision-making process is modelled so that each decision get exactly the priority it needs. And the decisions can be prepared and discussed in the right context before the management team meeting. This way the actual management team meeting transforms from a debate panel into an effective decision-making tool.

You can model the processes according to your teams or management groups working methods. Make the system suit your style, not the other way around. Team members can easily join to the relevant tasks. You can build linked tasks, for example, ongoing customer project may require management decisions. The whole background of the project is easily available from the decision-making to-do list. 

You can view the activities in the process in a list, calendar (soon also in a kanban view!) The related communication sticks to the right task or open project. You don't need to dig cc e-mails from your inbox or intranet for project documents. Onboarding the group to a new system is intuitive and easy when the decision-making process has been tailored according to your needs.

And the most important thing:

When making a decision within the Hailer process. The process always suggests publishing the public part of the decision to the Hailer Feed. So for everybody within the organization to understand where the business is going. This way you can build a more transparent environment to your organization. The announcements in the Hailer Feed can be openly commented and liked by the members of the organization. This way the organizational communication can effertlessly flow to all directions not only top to bottom. 

Less Rumors. More Focus.