Free guest users are here! Oh, yes. You can add an unlimited amount of guest users regardless of your Hailer license, yup also in the Freemium. 

So what can you do?

Adding guest users to your activities is a great way to collaborate with external stakeholders. They can be for example partners, suppliers, advisors or customers, or maybe people from your company but from a different department who are not Hailer users. 

A guest user has access only to those activity discussions they are invited to. So you choose what you want to share with them. They can view the activity details and files. You can also set rights to edit activities in the workflow settings. 

How? The workspace owner or admin can allow inviting guest users in those modules or calendars, where it is needed. They can also define a new โ€œInviterโ€ role to those users who are allowed to invite guests. Read more about different roles from

The owner, admin, or an inviter can invite the guests from Invite people with just an email. See full manual 

The guest user role can be changed to a normal user or vice versa in the workspace settings. 

What else is new?

Hailer Discussions - Looks better, works faster ๐Ÿš€React and reply to messages with right click and you can also search for messages in the discussion channels.

Copy activity - You can now copy activities directly from the side nav - read more from help.hailer

Upgrade group discussion - Do you have lots of relevant information in group discussions and do you need to open activity for the topic? Now it is possible to upgrade group discussions to an activity. Open the discussion details in the left sidebar and click Upgrade to activity  - then choose the correct workflow for your activity. Now you have all the history: chat, files, and links in the correct place.

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