We are working towards more flexible ways of working. Would it not be perfect to invite all the right partners and stakeholders to your Hailer Workspace freely without limitations? 

We just released a possibility to limit the visibility of your feed posts. This is the beginning of series of improvements towards even better Hailer with external users.

Feed post visibility - You can now limit the visibility of your feed posts both in custom and automatic posts. This gives you more flexibility to invite external stakeholders and partners to your Hailer Workspace. You can freely post internal news and limit the visibility to correct users.  

  • Custom Feed Post: Create your feed post as earlier. Limit visibility from the drop-down menu in the post.
  • Automatic Feed Post: Workflow or Workspace admins can set the recipients in the Workflow settings > Social tab > set Feed post information and choose the recipients. Kindly note: the changes in the Workflow settings will not update old automatic feed posts (visibility remains as it was when it was posted). 

Field description - guide your workspace users with description texts. Workspace admins can add descriptive text in all field types. It will appear as a hover box “i” in front of the field or in the public form above the field. You can use two different types of guiding elements: the field description and the placeholder text.


Other improvements and bug fixing:

Improved user selector - Thanks for the feedback. 

Improved activity timeline view (group by & color by bugs fixed)

What else is new? 

Hailer Dashboards


We have launched a new Hailer service for our customers. Hailer Dashboards solution is always tailored to customer needs. We can combine different data sources with Hailer and build a dashboard to help you to make better decisions. Use it to make smart decisions based on data. Perfect for example:

  • Marketing and sales
  • Stock inventory
  • Incident reporting


Interested? Contact us for more information!

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