Build your HR recruiting process with Hailer. You might have several tools for your recruiting process:

  • Database of candidates
  • Communication channels towards the candidates
  • The checklist for new hires
  • A separate HR database
  • And finally a process tool for employee performance appraisals

What if you could have all these functions in one platform? Hailer can operate as a recruiting and HR platform to ease the pain of different HR functions and smooth the on-boarding process.


First, an activity (in Hailer this kind of record is called an activity) is created with the name of the new hire candidate. In this example let’s call the candidate Elisa. The activity contains already some basic fields (or parameters if you like) about Elisa; like what is her current notice period, education level and so on. This activity is storing a candidates phase in an HR module of Hailer.

Contract Negotiations:

Typically the next step is contract negotiations and naturally, the new hire candidate, Elisa, (or activity) is moved to the Contract Negotiations phase within the HR module. At this point, Elisa is adding herself to the Activity’s discussion channel. Thus combining the data of the Elisa and communication with her into the same platform. At this point, even Elisa herself can update required information, and everyone participating in the negotiations can see the update. This kind of information could be her contact information or details of work-related certificates. At the same time, there are already fewer emails sent back and forth!


As soon as the Contract Negotiations are finalized the actual signed contract is stored into the same activity. At this point, the person responsible for recruiting can typically leave the discussion part and handle the on-boarding responsibility to the supervisor. At the same time, there is an automatic on-boarding tasks initiation. Such tasks could be i.e. what are the tools that Elisa chooses, and who prepares the actual working desk for Elisa.

Start of the employment:

When the employment starts, it moving activity into Employees phase within the same HR-module. This generates an automatic announcement to the Hailer Feed. Informing everybody within the organization about Elisa starting in her new role.


Twice a month Elisa updates her feel-level into her own activity within the HR-module. This way employees can give instant and easy feedback, and supervisors can react instantly to possible bottlenecks within the organization. And the feel-level can use to monitor the teamwork as well.


As you can see Hailer combined several tools into one platform: Information storing and management, processes and tasks, as well as communication both in personal and organizational level. And these in an easily customizable manner.

Hailer - Less tools. More Focus.