Hailer Freemium is now even better 🎉 We wanted to offer our users an exceptional free Hailer experience, so we have updated the Free license. It includes now 

  • 20 modules (workflows or datasets)
  • 10 users
  • 10 calendars
  • 100 activities

All the existing Freemium licenses have been updated automatically. This means you can build for example a full lead to delivery project management and task management solution to suit your business needs.

You can flexibly link the workflow and dataset modules and create dependencies between them. You can freely work with the Hailer Freemium and in case you run into the limits you can easily upgrade to Unlimited, where you will get 30 days of a free trial. If you need help setting up the workspace, book a free demo ⬇

Book a demo

We also added a new feature to the workflow editor. Workspace admins can now add a field description to any field type. The description will appear in front of the field when adding a new activity. To add, edit or remove the descriptions go to the workflow settings and fields tab (it is empty as the default). We are working on adding it also to the Hailer public form. 

description field