It’s our goal to keep life as simple as possible. We are working hard to improve Hailer so that it will help you to focus on the core and what brings value to you. Here is the latest news from our development team. 


  • Dark mode (BETA) - this is for you all nocturnal creatures out there, switch the theme from the profile icon. 
  • Jitsi video call (BETA) - The importance of video calls has skyrocketed lately. To keep stuff simple, we made this little integration with Jitsi. You can now open a video conference straight from Hailer chat and invite all the participants with one click.  - Read more
  • Calendar improvements


We would also like to remind you about the recently updated calendar and the activity filters: It is not just about getting things done, but about doing the right things at the right time in best possible way. Hailer Events is a great tool to plan and track your ongoing and upcoming events and deadlines. 

Check it out