We are all busy with things to do. Hailer is a great tool to manage your daily stuff without a hassle. You can create your own lists or flows and invite colleagues, friends or family members to your Hailer network to share the responsibility. Assign tasks to others, chat or share documents. So let’s see how to create your own to-do list! 

Go to your Activity view and create a new process. Take 3 minutes to configure the workflow. You can access the module settings from the pen icon. Check out the short tutorial.


If your to-do list workflow consists of more than two phases, you can add as many as needed. Also, the information fields are flexible. If you need to assign tasks to team members add a User field and name it as “Responsible”.

You can also use the ready-made process templates to start working in Hailer. Here is a post on how to get started with task management. Quite many of the templates have file attachments and in-activity messenger as a default, so it is really easy to get started. A pro tip: spend a few minutes to update the background pictures of your to-do list process module to something that visualizes what you do or what the to-do list is about. 

When you have your process ready, you can invite your team from the Users&Teams tab. Just click the green + and invite your colleagues. If you are a member of several different Hailer networks you will get a notification of a new Network Invitation to your notification centre (bell icon in the top bar). 

Switch through different Hailer networks from the Network switch in the middle of the left bar. Here you can also access the network settings, in case you are the Network Admin. 

Read more about Hailer as a to-do list app.