The most significant benefit is the time we save. All important things are in one place, and communication is always in the right context. We communicate 24/7 so Whatsapp is out of the question.

Hanna Keski-Hakuni, Head of operations, Joblink OyJoblink refe card (1)

Joblink is a retail staffing agency, that provides staffing services all around Finland. The company has been founded in 2006 and today they employ 1800 persons in different retail positions, such as cashiers and shelf replenishers. To provide the best possible quality all Joblink services are tailored for the customer. 

Before Hailer Joblink's office was struggling with fragmented communication. Time was spent to find the right information from several different channels. Bringing all communication, instructions and documents to Hailer made it possible to keep these all in the right context. 

In Joblink’s Hailer Workspace there are several different modules managing staffing-related processes and information. Also, customers and tasks are managed in Hailer. The workspace and the workflow modules are fully tailored to suit Joblink’s needs. 

The future development plan includes one workflow to manage working time and absences, and more comprehensive utilization of the calendar functionalities. 

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