The joint project between Lamor and Saudi Arabia's National Environmental Monitoring Centre (NCEC) aims to strengthen the region's oil spill response capacity in the Red Sea. This is a crucial sea lane with large areas of natural coastline, which would suffer significant damage in the event of an oil spill.

Lamor's contribution to the project includes a comprehensive program of services, equipment, and resources. These services comprise contingency planning, training, and resource assessment; all managed within the Hailer workspace. Read more about the project from Lamor's website >

The project's various components presented a significant challenge to the ERP system, necessitating a comprehensive project and process management tool to manage all aspects of the project, including finance, operations, HR, equipment management, skills management, training register, and more.

Despite the project's launch within a short timeframe, Hailer's customizable interface allowed for a quick and efficient implementation. All necessary processes and data sets were configured within the workspace, ensuring smooth and efficient management.

Hailer's primary advantage lies in its ability to manage the entire project within one platform. By providing systematic access to information, Hailer helps to save time and effort. The activity links between different areas also create a comprehensive overview that can be drilled down if necessary.

As a no-code/low-code platform, Hailer is especially advantageous, allowing administrators to customize processes according to the project's evolving needs. This customization capability is essential in projects of this magnitude, as they tend to grow and evolve over time. For instance, during the project, the equipment management process needed customization to show whether individual pieces of equipment were new or previously owned by the customer.  This change was implemented with just a few clicks, thanks to Hailer's customizable features.

Overall, the joint project between Lamor and NCEC demonstrates technology's significant role in streamlining and improving large-scale projects. With Hailer's user-friendly interface, administrators can effectively manage complex projects and streamline operations, resulting in more efficient and effective project delivery.

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