Gigantti is a home electronics retail chain operating in the Nordics. Hailer is used by the b2b sales organization in five franchising stores in the Uusimaa area, and plans include expanding the use to the kitchen design team. 

Marko Niemistö Gigantti"Feedback from users has been good, and there has been a lot of positive feedback about usability. The strength of Hailer is the ease of customization, as you can make the necessary changes to the software immediately. This is important to us." Marko Niemisto, Operating Manager B2B Franchise

The aim was to find a CRM system suitable for the b2b sales team.  Requirements were to store customer data, build a sales pipeline for the salespeople to make their daily work more manageable and create a tracking tool for the managers to monitor the daily work of the salespeople.

How was Hailer chosen for this?

We spent some time researching different options, and Hailer was the most suitable tool for us because of its customizability. It was also important for us to integrate the CRM with our reporting software. Hailer's other additional features further confirmed our choice, and of course, we want to support Finnish companies wherever possible. With these criteria, the choice was clear pretty quickly.

How did the implementation project go?

The implementation was straightforward. We went through the basic idea of the operation and our needs, modified the workspace to suit us, and could start using it immediately. Since the roll-out, we have adapted the workspaces to suit the situation as and when required. Hailer was also easy to train for end-users.

What have been the benefits of using Hailer?

The salespeople can monitor their sales pipeline daily, and at the managerial level can see at a glance, for example, the stock of offers and the activity of the salespeople for the desired time. Getting customer data into one software has been useful for us, which can be used to our advantage in the reporting software.

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