Brookline is a young sports game distributor. They are located in the Netherlands and have customers all around Europe. They distribute high-quality Funsports brands including Spikeball, KanJam, Crossnet, and YOU.FO. They have been growing rapidly in the past year and have ambitious plans to continue. They focus on excellent working relationships with resellers, high supply reliability, and great customer service. 

The growing team has run into common challenges in effectively managing leads. Multiple salespersons might have contacted the same potential customer causing overlapping communication and confusion at the customer end. They were looking for an efficient and simple CRM system for their sales team to solve the challenges. 

“We needed a flexible tool to streamline prospecting and to follow up on leads to generate sales. As Brookline is growing fast in all countries throughout Europe, it can be challenging to manage all business opportunities. With Hailer we managed to quickly set up a tailor-made sales funnel as a workflow that was easy and simple to use for our salespeople. Next to streamlining sales operations, we manage all IT-related projects within Hailer. So we have a clear view on the status of all activities, so we don't lose eye on track.” Says Tom Schreurs Brookline's Marketing Director

Simplicity and mobile usability were among the significant requirements because Brookline’s sales team works from the road and needs the latest information to ensure excellent customer service.  

Hailer partner Kwitaro built a tailored sales pipeline to suit Brookline’s requirements. The project started with two initial workshops with the sales team to define their current process and translate that into a Hailer workflow. Through the project, Kwitaro and Brookline had weekly meetings to follow up on the progress with a final workshop and demo to the sales team. Brookline refecard (3)

“The major benefit of Hailer is the flexibility to create workflows and manage business activities based on how you work at your company. It helps tighten loose ends and keep track on long-term projects that often get forgotten in a normal hectic business day.

It is the best system end users have used so far because it is very flexible and makes sense for end users to actually use it intuitively. And when questions arise to change some workflows a little bit, it can be done within seconds. So end users directly see and feel the benefits of working with Hailer.” Says Tom Schreurs

Brookline’s Hailer workspace's primary functions are sales funnel linked to a company and contact person databases, and they are planning to add more workflows for future needs. 

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