Kai_Helisten HW-CompanyKai Helisten, CEO, HW-Company says:

Hailer brings structure to the operation. All our internal communication and all practical things are now in place. We can easily involve the right people at the right time to get their input on ongoing projects. Management gets a good understanding of the whole organization in one quick view.

About HW-Company

Oy HW-Company Ltd is a wholesale service company. They import and sell international brands in apparel, shoes, and accessories for sports, outdoor sports, hunting, and shooting sports. They also provide a wide range of branded clothing and business gifts. The company was founded in 1989.

HW-Company’s values are based on excellent service, and their company culture highlights information sharing and a hardworking mentality to ensure customer success. 

HW-Company was facing some of the usual challenges of fragmented communication and information. Besides, to tackle these challenges, the goal was to bring clarity,  HW - company referencetransparency, and efficiency to the organization. And, of course, reduce overlapping systems and communication channels. 

The organization is working from many different locations, and the sales team works mainly on the road. It sets requirements for the business management system. 

The solution

With the Hailer team’s help, HW-Company built a comprehensive business management platform tailored to their needs. They started the Hailer workspace configuration from effective and simple sales management. 

The implementation project was divided into two phases. The workspace was planned in a workshop together with Hailer and HW-company.  The project team piloted the solution with a smaller group and made final modifications according to the pilot users’ feedback. Finally, the end-users were trained to get the full benefit of the platform.  

To cover all of the company’s core processes, they ended up with eight different workflows to manage all the things that happen from sales to delivery and administration, for example, sales orders and separate task management for warehouse, marketing, and management team. 

Each function has its place to manage the ongoing activities. It does not mean that other departments cannot get involved or contribute to them. Access rights and visibility were set based on the departments and their needs. HW-Company is continuously collecting improvement and development ideas for the future. 

Get to know HW-Company: https://hw-company.fi/en/