image-png-Dec-13-2021-08-54-36-82-AMMikko Heinonkoski, Founder Heinonkoski Law Firm

"The Hailer Workspace was fully customized to our needs and it was up and running on a fast schedule. We got all the support we needed and the customer service and support were excellent and in Finnish. Of course, the new routines require some focus, but the user interface is simple and understandable. And after the training, we are also able to modify the configuration ourselves when needed."

About the company

Heinonkoski law firm offers legal services to consumers and entrepreneurs. They employ three persons and are growing their operations constantly. Heinonkoski specializes in consumer disputes and especially disputes related to vehicles and entrepreneurs’ legal issues. 

Most of the cases are managed remotely with modern and agile tools and methods. The Heinonkoski customers are located all around Finland. Also, the court sessions are often held online.

The challenge

Heinonkoski was looking for a solution to manage the growing customer base and coordinate tasks related to overlapping cases. Information was scattered to different places; spreadsheets, post-it notes, and messages. 

The solution:

The solution was to build a customized case and customer management system in Hailer. The workspace consists of three modules where cases, working hours, and customer details are handled. 

In addition to Hailer Heinonkoski uses Google Workspace to manage documents. Linking the customer case documents to correct Hailer activity is fast and easy. The deployment project also included training for the users.

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