The world is constantly changing with an increasing pace. This is especially evident when it comes to technology and technical solutions like Hailer. Last summer we, therefore, decided to completely renew the underlying technology of our beloved product.

Thanks to our hard-working development team - 10 months and 42 000 lines of refactored code later, the new Hailer is finally released! The whole look and feel of Hailer has been updated. The result is a modern user interface. The update also allows us to keep up with the ever-increasing pace and demands. In addition, it allows even faster time-to-market when introducing new features and functionalities.

A few highlights:

  • Completely renewed look and feel
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly
  • Web push notifications
  • A clear distinction between processes and databases
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive left-to-right logic
  • Possibility to install Hailer as an application on any device


hailer diamondIn the old Hailer in the upper right corner, you can click a diamond-shaped icon to try out the new version as well. You can always revert to the old Hailer by clicking the rewind button in the bottomleft corner in the new Hailer. You can also find the new Hailer at 

We’re continuously updating and improving the functionality of the site. Please note that the Network Settings-section is not yet available.

What is oour ultimate goal?

Anyone can create a network and create a purpose for it. It can be anything from a noble charity to an ambitious business venture. The creator of the network can configure it according to the purpose and becomes a gatekeeper for his or her Hailer network defining roles for people to invite, or just simply make it public for anyone to join. The people joining can be partners, customers, suppliers or just people who happen to be on the same journey towards the same goal.

Hailer is revolutionizing the way organizations work. It’s simple, yet powerful enough to run a network of people and companies as one venture. Contact us today so we can figure out together how you can unleash the true potential of your network.